Don't Forget the Cheese! is a fun and memorable program that is easily embraced by employees. 

Keeping your employees engaged!

Learning good customer service habits doesn't have to be a boring process. Keeping everyone engaged and making the material memorable are the keys to successful learning and retention. 

The Don't Forget the Cheese! program is taught by professional speakers who know how to bring even the most reluctant employees out of their shells by challenging them through interactive dialogue and creative role playing.

Throughout the learning process, we use various props to illustrate a particular point or enhance a concept. One of the props we use by design is string cheese. Whenever an employee responds correctly to questions posed, they get a piece of string cheese. 

Team Building: Preparing your employees to learn and retain

As part of the learning process, we use various team building exercises that helps build team spirit and prepares the employees to listen and participate. A popular segment is called Soar Like and Eagle, Fly Like a Goose where employees learn 'The Power of We' from examples in nature.

Fun Learning

Don't Forget the Cheese!

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