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Don't Forget the Cheese!

“After attending the NATA seminar that Ron and John put on, we decided to enlist their services to further our customer service training with the Don’t Forget the Cheese program at both our Atlanta location, Hill Aircraft - KFTY, and our Traverse City Michigan location, Harbour Air Services - KTVC.  The program, as expected, is a well-rounded aviation FBO focused program that helped our staff sharpen the edges in a entertaining way.  

“The experience of the two stand out and the program expands on many of the elements that our staff receives from the Ritz Carlton training.  One of the highest complements you can pay a company is to recommend their services and I Highly recommend the Don’t forget the Cheese program!”  

Guy Hill, Chief Picture Painter & Vision Engineer       Hill Aircraft, Atlanta, GA                                           Harbour Air Services,                                               Traverse City, MI


“Thank you, Ron and John, for the amazing training you gave to our employees. Inviting you to Prague to do your Don’t Forget the Cheese customer service training has been very beneficial to our company, our people just loved you and learned a lot!

"You had a tough task to keep the attention of multi-cultural audience for 8 hours straight and you managed to do that with ease, care and topped it all with just the right amount of Cheese! We definitely recommend you.”

                                               Charlie Bodnar, MBA,CEO                                                                                                   Euro Jet Intercontinental                                                                                                     Prague, Czech Republic



"Thanks to Ron and John for leading a wonderful, aviation specific customer service training, Don’t Forget the Cheese. Our teammates were engaged during the session with real life scenarios and role playing. 

We especially appreciate the 'Guide to Exceptional Customer Service' manual which is referred to in subsequent follow-up in house training.  We highly recommend Don’t Forget the Cheese’!"                                      
 Bob McCreery, President                                   McCreery Aviation
 McAllen, TX

    Don't Forget the Cheese is the only true customer service training program written and personally taught by operationally experienced FBO industry veterans.

    Included is a custom written 45 page manual and on-site training with realistic role-playing between actual pilots and FBO employees. The program is recommended by well-respected FBOs both in the United States and Internationally.

    On this page you will find testimonials and recommendations by some of our FBO clients.  Please feel free to contact them as a reference for our program.

"We had Ron and John join us at the Vail Valley Jet Center in colorful Colorado for their trademark 'Don't Forget the Cheese' program. They customized their program specifically for our FBO, our people and our values. Ron and John are consummate professionals, industry veterans and they did a fantastic job relating with our team, because they know the business.

In the end we came away with a lot of useful tools for bringing our customer service standards to life and we were given a forty-page manual that we will utilize for years to come. Thank you Ron and John. "                

Paul Gordon, President/CEO                                       Vail Valley Jet Center                                                   Gypsum, CO

   Our clients say it the best...thank you:

​      - Paul Gordon, Vail Valley Jet Center

       - Guy Hill, Hill Aircraft & Harbour Air Services

​       - Charlie Bodnar, Euro Jet

       - Bob McCreery, McCreery Aviation